Alee Cao

Alee Cao. Precise thoughts, momentous words and lighthearted understanding form the character of this designer and educator, enabling him to reach into and capture the heart and mind of all who know him. A Master Associate for John Paul Mitchell Systems, Alee possesses a unique vision, formed by far-flung experiences across the globe from North to South America, Europe and Asia including Australia and New Zealand. As such, he was afforded the opportunity to study with the great masters of the industry, which is quantified by his multi-faceted creativity that is expressed through crisp and commanding stage performances. "I learned from many of the industry's greats and I wish to pass on the knowledge that I have accumulated." For myself and others, " I strongly believe that Continuing education is a MUST for continuous success " With almost two decades of dedication and continuous learning and development, Alee’s vision is realized in the form of a cosmetology institute, The Cao Institute of Aesthetics, a Paul Mitchell partner school. Allow yourself a revelation – get in touch with Alee's unique approach to the art and business of hair design and tune in to his humor, enthusiasm, and wisdom.

Alee Cao close up & personal

What is your secret of success?
Learning from people experience to enhance my skill

Your most important career steps?
A good Game plans

Which country had most influence on you?

Which hairdresser inspired you the most?
Susan & John Chadwick inspire me artistically for the structure of work they do. Robert Cromeans inspire me with his characteristic and sense of business

What does it mean to you being a hairdresser?
The greatest feeling in the world, it’s the profession that can change people’s life.

Your most important tools?
Just a pair of shears and carving comb

If you were allowed to bring 3 things on a styling tour, which would that be?

Paul Mitchell products, Carving comb and Bobby pins would do the job

Your favorite Hair show?

Paul Mitchell Germany Hair Show, where I toured into 6-7 provinces in Germany. It was a wonderful experience.

Your biggest hero?
My mom, I always learn different things from her, but there are two valuable qualities that I love, is being positive and live life with respect.

If you were a product, which one would be it?
Tree tea shampoo because it gives people a fresh and sensational feeling

What was your latest embarrassment (on stage/ with a customer)?
I went to the restroom when the microphone was on

Your worst investment (product/ Tool/ Seminar/ Trip)?
Not that I can think of
Which step do you regret?
No regret, it’s always an experience.

The best Beauty investment in your life?
To become a hair designer

A hairy Celebrity encounter?
Rod Stewart, Rachel Hunter, Christina Applegate and Van Helen Family

What do you never forgive a customer?
I never focus on that even though some gave me hell

What bores you about hairdressers?
Not open to learn new things

What fills you with proud in our industry?
Fashion never die, and always drive me in every ankles of life

Your next big event?
Hair Camp in Mexico

Whom would you like to style and why?
Rachel Hunter cuz she was always the coolest customer

Alee Owner & Director of:

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