Melissa Jaqua

Melissa Jaqua hat auf vielen Bühnen dieser Welt gearbeitet, Sie verzaubert Ihr Publikum in Windeseile. Es hängt förmlich an Ihren Lippen und folgt jeder Bewegung. Bildhübsch, erotisch und beruflich ganz weit vorne. Sie ist die Gewinnerin der North Amreican Hairdressing Award. In Kürze wird der Hype um Sie neue Formen annehmen, denn Sie stylt die Mädchen von America’s Next Top Model 2007. Wir sind gespannt wohin sie die Wogen tragen. Melissa Jaqua's Star Shines at MAG: "This talented professional has the talent to go far!" say fans. DENVER - Melissa Jaqua, a previous winner of the North American Hairstyling Award and media artist for John Paul Mitchell Systems, starred with her models in the MAG All-Star Theatre and was one of the surprise hits of the show. Steven Casciola, who produced the event, commented, "Melissa has a special radiance and has captured the hearts of many beautyhmakers with it. She really is a positive role model for beauty, truth and goodness." JPMS peers were also flattering to her. Winn Claybaugh and Robert Croemeans, who appeared on the MAG stage said, "Melissa is a bright new star in beauty at Paul Mitchell. We love her!"

What is your secret of success?
To find new ways every day to fall in love with everything I do! (over & over & over & over, etc…) and to help others realize their dreams along the journey. To remain grounded, humble, a lifelong learner & always stay "hungry" for more!

Your most important career steps?
Taking on the role of an educator. When I teach, not only do I give but I receive so much in return!

Which country had most influence on you?
Australia. I think they have some of the most talented & creative hairdesingers I have ever seen in our industry worldwide. I LOVE their work and the standards they hold for themselves as professionals.

Which hairdresser inspired you the most?
Orlando Pita. His work has such variety and diversity in it and I hear that he is a very down to earth person and I truly admire that in any human being!

What does it mean to you being a hairdresser?
It means that I get to make a difference in the world through because God gave me a gift that I can use in so many ways to positively impact the lives of thousands of people in my lifetime. Weather it’s helping someone grow through my teaching, inspiring someone through my stage presentations or my photo work or the way I can help my clients feel amazing about themselves inside and out. I believe that your talent ( in whatever you do ) is a gift from God…. What you choose to do with it in the world is your gift back to the world he created!

Your most important tools?
A good carbon cutting comb, my hikari shears, Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum.

Modern Elixirs Style Serum and Smoothing Iron and MY HANDS!
If you were allowed to bring 3 things on a styling tour, which would that be?
My most important tools ( mentioned above ), outstanding music and my amazing assistant.

Your favorite Hair show?
Paul Mitchell's Signature Salon Gathering. it rocks! :)

Your biggest hero?
Jesus Christ & my brother Craig.

If you were a product, which one would be it?
Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo

What was your latest embaressment (on stage/ with a customer)?
Walking off the stage after my performance and going straight into the restroom with my microphone still on. Everyone could hear me… THANK GOD they didn’t know what they were listening to! J

Your worst investment (product/ Tool/ Seminar/ Trip)?
Nothing , because even if it’s bad or doesn’t work out it’s I still learn something from the experience of it!

Which step do you regret?
Again. Nothing, because even if it’s bad or doesn’t work out it’s I still learn something from the experience of it!

The best Beauty investment in your life?
Every single class I've ever taken (hair and non-hair related ).

A hairy Celebrity encounter?
My two favorite celebrity clients... Mark McGrath of the band Sugar Ray and Olympic Gold Medalist Dorothy Hammill!

What do you never forgive a customer?
Not much, I work VERY hard on being forgiving.

What bores you about hairdressers?
When they think they have learned everything they need to know.

What fills you with proud in our industry?
That everyone I know admires hairdressers. They think we are the most fun people and that we have the BEST job in the world!

Your next big event?
Styling hair for the new season of the television show America’s Next Top Model

Whom would you like to style and why?
Gwen Stefani because she is my fashion icon!

Our tip: if you got an opportunity to see her at a show - go for it

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